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Significance Of Price In Introduction Of New Product


The topic titled “Significance of price in introduction of a new product” was chosen to examine the relevance of price in the introduction of a new product. The main objective of this study is to investigate the significance of price on a new product. In the course of  this research the research methodology adopted were the primary method of data collection through the use of questionnaire and secondary method. Relevant  literatures were reviewed and data collected were analyzed using simple percentage. This was equally  used in hypothesis testing. The study revealed among others that no business can meet its set goals and objectives without pricing. It is therefore recommended that there should be the establishment of a pricing section in the marketing department to set prices and assist  the marketing department in determining appropriate prices for products. Certainly, it is the belief of the research that, if these recommendation are complied with, they would go a long way in not only helping  the  business but the nation at large.




Price has been a  major problem in producing a product. Every company, that produces a product has one thing in mind which is the  price. It is not easy for a company to fix a price for their products because the company or manufacturer will want to determine all the cost used in producing the product and in doing this, the company or manufacturer will want to determine all the cost used in producing the product and in doing this, the company or manufacturer will also want to put the consumers in mind because if the price is too high, it will affect the sales of the product and if it is too low, it will also affect the company or manufacturer’s cost of production. All this point, the manufacturer or producer will want to put at equilibrium.

On this note, the researcher decided to carry out t his research work to find out what role price plays in the market, the importance of price and possible solution on how price can be fixed in a product. Pricing is considered by many people to be the key activities within the capitalist system of free enterprise especially when introducing a new product into the market.

Furthermore pricing and price competition are problems facing marketing executives today. Price is too cost oriented, price is not lavished often enough to capitalize on mark changes  (Aluyor, 2010).


Many criticism have been made against certain pricing policies and some have questioned how certain pricing objectives can really fit in with overall corporation.

The problem is to investigate why certain pricing policies fail to assist in realizing company marketing objectives hence the problem has under the following pertinent questions.

i.             What is the pricing method in manufacturing enterprise

ii.            Should a company set prices independently of other marketing mix variables?

iii.            That what extent should a company take in to consideration of the demand intensity for the product as well as the customer’s psychology w hen it assures a cost oriented pricing strategy?

iv.          Should prices be tagged on a new product without proper consideration of its supply?

v.           Should the production of a new product commence and price attached without proper investigation about consumer’s interest?


In carrying out a research, a lot of things ought to be considered in respect to these products. One has to critically look at the recent political state of the country. The country is passing through a new political dispensation, which is headed by a civilian president; these might facilitate the opening of neighbouring boarders hence increasing the rate of imported goods into the country. These will help in a drastic reduction of the process of product in circulation in the country, hence increasing the rate of demand.

The aim of this research work is to evaluate the significance of price fixed for a new product hence avid the demand for the product.

The study is aimed at realizing the following objectives;

i.             To check the reaction  of consumers in the event of price increase over a product

ii.            To identify the problems of new products pricing decisions and make useful suggestions to help avoid the practical problem of establishing a price.

iii.           To find out if the relatively low price of a product could affects its purchases decision of the consumers of the product.

iv.          Finally, the study will also investigate the place of price among other marketing  mix varieties.


The following Research Questions shall  direct the thrust of this study.

1.   Is the increased patronage of Nigerian Bottling Company’s product influenced by its promotional activities?

2.   Is advertising the most effective tool  for  reaching  customers?

3.   Is the patronage of Nigerian Bottling Company’s products influenced by the locations of its depots?

4.   Does price influence the sales volume of a product?

5.   Is pricing decision cumbersome?

6.    Is new product pricing usually  a difficult exercise involving many problems?

7.   Does pricing decision has any impact on product success?

8.   Is new product pricing responsible for product failure?


1. Ho: Prices does not influence sales volume

Hi:  Prices does influence sales volume

2. Ho: Pricing decision is not cumbersome

Hi: pricing decision is cumbersome

Ho: New product pricing is not usually a difficult

Hi: New product pricing is usually a difficult exercise involving many problems

3. Ho: pricing decision does not impact on product success.

Hi: pricing decision has impact on product success

Ho: New product pricing is not often responsible for product failure

Hi: New product pricing is often responsible for product failure


This is limited to pricing as marketing mix variable with respect to the growth of a new product very Amstel Malta a product of Nigeria  Breweries as a case study. His is done with a need to identify the problem associated with the pricing of a new product and so make useful suggestions.


The research work will be of immense importance to many parties when successfully completed. Amongst t hose to benefit one the producers with regards to the best price fixed on a  new product tin order to succeed the markets place. Also to benefit from the best price fixed  on a new product will be investigated and found out through feedbacks received from interviewers and questionnaires with customers and staffs of Nigeria Breweries.

Consumers will also benefit from the research work because their suggestions and criticism will be take into consideration.

Above all, the researcher will also benefit immensely because it is on the basic of successful completion of the project work that the researcher will be awarded the Higher National Diploma  (HND)  in marketing .


During the course of this research work several limitations which served  as hindrance constraints to the successful completion of the work were encountered. Efforts were  however made by the group to minimize these limitations

The first limitation was that of finance , the work was carried out with the finance the group could  pool. A more thorough research could have been carried out if the much anticipated  finance was available.

Secondly time equally served as a constraint, there was considerable pressure on time because the study was conducted side by side with other curricular activities such as regular lectures, assignment, test, quizzes and sectional examination etc.

Finally, the  attitude of the  consumers and staff of Amstel Malta Nigeria Breweries Plc with regarding answering of the questionnaire posed another problem as most of them felt unconcerned, some of the questionnaires collected were not properly ansered.

Thanks to the Almighty God that the researcher was able to complete  the research work successfully inspite of the hubbles of difficulties encountered.

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