This study was conducted to ascertain how traditional media of communication are used in mobilization of Itu citizens for community development projects. The study aims at looking at the various modes of traditional media used by Itu citizens, and the effectiveness of these modes in mobilization of Itu citizens for community development projects. The researcher was also out to discover why the citizens of Itu use traditional media in mobilization of people at the local level for community development projects. The study employed survey method of the research and the major instruments used in this study were personal interview, and past records for information and facts. A set of interview questions, which were up to twelve, were administered to 80 respondents, drawn from ten villages, two villages from each clan making a total of five clans in Itu Local Government Area.

Findings from the study revealed that modern media of communication have started to penetrated the local level and some people, somehow are exposed to the modern media of communication. It was also discovered that traditional media are mostly used as attention getters, and when the attention of the people have been gotten, the message is thereby given immediately. The researcher discovered that the kind of information provided by these modes of communication are that of Health, Agriculture, Sanitation, Crime, Vigilante group, market buildings, clearing of bush social and economic etc. These channels serve as effective agents in mobilization of people for community development projects.

The researcher recommends that both the traditional and modern media of communication should be given more attention especially when sending out information on mobilization of people for community development projects, because each of them have qualities that are not inherent in the other. Rural communities should be encouraged to won and continue to operate their own channels; this will enable them to communicate with government and intimate government of their needs and reactions to government policies. More importantly, it would allow for greater and easier mobilization of the people towards development and integration and facilitates inter-community communication.



1.1     Introduction

Traditional modes of communication can be described as the media of communication peculiar to a particular native society which had been in use over time by that society and handed down from generation to generation to the extent that they become a way of life of the people.

From the beginning of man’s history, communication has never been about the dead, but the living. For man, communication surrounds his life like water surround fishes.

These modes of communication are many and varied. They include verbal communication, signs, and symbols. Wilson, (1990;p.280) asserts that: Traditional communication is an admixture of social conventions and practices, which have become sharpened and blended into veritable communication modes and system, which have almost become standard practices for society.

iii)     How are the traditional modes of communication used to mobilize Itu citizens for community development projects?

(iv)     How effective are these modes of communication?

1.5     Justification of the Study

The significance of this study is that, the study will go a long way to helping readers to know the traditional modes of communication that are used in Itu Local Government Area, and how people respond to the messages that go out of them.

Moreso, this study will also help the readers to know how these modes of traditional media are used in the mobilization of Itu citizens for community development projects.

To this end, the researcher believes that this study will be used and helpful to students, scholars and researchers in communication as references materials particularly in the area of traditional, modern communication.

·         Delimitation of the Study

Research on a massive scale is impracticable for a single researcher. The feasible approach is to carry out a limited survey of a particular sample in a given population.

This study is therefore limited to Itu Local Government Area. It assesses the traditional communication used in Itu and the effectiveness in mobilization of Itu citizens for community development projects.

The study is also limited by time factor and financial constraint.

However, the aims of the study have been realized.

·         Limitation of the Study

The major limitation of this study includes; Lack of cooperation among some members of the population of the study, especially those that refused to comments on the study. Finance, lack of materials and respondents interest in the research.

But for the mere fact that finance is greatly needed and time to compile and summit this study makes it impossible to indulge in an extensive study that will cover Akwa Ibom State. Even within Itu Local Government Area where the researcher is studying. Therefore, the study is limited to only ten villages in Itu Local Government Area, two villages each from five clans that make up Itu Local Government Area.

1.8     Definition of Terms    

For the purpose of this work, the researcher has found it necessary to define the following terms that are used in this work.


This is the sharing of meaning and understanding between eth source and the receiver or a means by which the human beings derive a sense of communion, linkage, connection or exchange of meaning.

Traditional Communication

It is a sum total of all forms of actions and interactions that are evident in the rural societies in the process of sharing meaning.


It is the process of changing or restructuring a thing from its present state to better and more appreciable state


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