1.1 Background of the Study
Desai (2009) noted that, “During the last three decades, the concept of entrepreneurship has assumed prime importance both in research and in action for accelerating economic growth in the developing countries.”
Majorly Academicians, Scholars, Professors have recognized the importance of entrepreneurship and has accepted it as a major determinant growing the nation economically.
A reputable Author, Banker, Researcher, Poet and a consummate Writer from Nigeria Ajiye in His book “New Era Entrepreneurship” (2005:7) opined that “an entrepreneur is that man or woman who takes the initiative of starting and running small or large enterprise and make them work”. Most ideas are sinking today because there are little or no platforms to promote what they have to offer, significantly, there are risk takers and burden bearers who are willing to avoid the bad shade of unemployment and are contributing immensely to the economy. Onu(2014) cited that, “The quality of performance of the entrepreneur determines whether capital would grow rapidly or slowly and whether the growth involves innovation where new products and production techniques are developed”.
There have been some instruments used to inject basic entrepreneurial terminologies to the average man. Information could reach anyone faster using a mass medium. There are different types, which are print, electronic and new media.
To contribute to national development, radio has been selected as a medium to bring about effective change because of its universal nature; the imperative benefit has to do with the entrepreneurial programmes that are so motivating and influencing the listeners.
The listeners makes use of information every day ,they tune into a radio station for fun,inspiration,religious goals,social impact,news and entertainment.
Olusola(2010:45) opines that, “Radio has over the years, played the role of information provider through news, messages about the availability of social services, and announcements concerning an event of importance to the audience”
More so, Radio is a platform for creating mutual understanding and developing social relationship. It proved valuable when Oladiran(2010:35) emphasizes that, “the media have been discovered to have subtle influence on the lives of its audience, to the point where people tend to adjust their habit to the programmes of the media, just as the media adjust their schedules to fit the popular habits of their audience”.
This constitutes the motive behind the evaluation of the “influence of radio on the promotion of entrepreneurship”with a close look at the Mass communication students of University of Lagos in Yaba,Lagos State.

1.2 Statement Of Problem
Entrepreneurship has decreased the rate of unemployment in Nigeria today, there are emerging businesses that are producing a top notch in the economy and has given a rise to development. Desai(2009) emphasizes this when he said “ if the nation’s economy is not to stagnate under the ministrations of professionals, it must be continuously revitalized by the infusion of new energy, new ideas and nucleus for economic growth”. More so, the greater emphasis is based on the development of recognizing new ideas from fresh minds with the hope that it would multiply employment opportunities and create a room for maximum distribution of income.
The importance of entrepreneur in Today’s economy cannot be over emphasized. The reduction in unemployment rate among graduates in Nigeria is largely due to the adoption of entrepreneurial skills as a means of creating quality value to the society while a living is earned out of it.
A review on studies conducted on entrepreneur shows that many undergraduate students do not really possess the needed skills require to become self-employed coupled with the inadequate awareness caused by limited information media sources. “The lacuna led to the introduction and emphasis on entrepreneurial education owing to the belief that its introduction into tertiary education would lead to acquisition of skills that would enable its graduates to be self reliant and consequently reduce unemployment problems”as stated by Nwangwu(2006).
The radio as an informative and educative media could play a vital role in breaching this is in this light the researcher tends to examine the influence of radio on the promotion of entrepreneurship among mass communication students in University of Lagos.
1.3 Objective of Study
The general objective of this study is to determine the influence of radio in the entrepreneurial empowerment of mass communication students in University of Lagos. The other objectives are:
1. To find out if they are exposed to entrepreneurial programmes on inspiration FM.
2. To determine if the entrepreneur programmes on inspiration FM motivates mass communication students of university of Lagos in developing entrepreneurial skills.
3. To find out if there are factors that influences Mass communication students of University of Lagos in accessing entrepreneurial programmes on inspiration FM.
3.4. To examine if mass communication students of University of Lagos are engaged in entrepreneurial activities as a result of entrepreneurial programmes on inspiration fm.

1.4 Research Questions
1. To what extent are mass communication students of university of Lagos exposed to entrepreneurial programmes on inspiration Fm?
2. What are the factors influencing Mass communication students of university of Lagos in accessing entrepreneurial programmes on inspiration Fm?
3. To what extent does entrepreneurial programmes on inspiration Fm motivate Mass communication students of university of Lagos in developing entrepreneurial skills?
4. To what extent are Mass communication students of University of Lagos engaged in entrepreneurial activities as a result of entrepreneurial programmes on Inspiration Fm?

1.5 Significance Of Study
According to Onabajo(1999) “the audience is a collection of individuals with shared experiences, traditions, conditions of life and needs. This group of individuals varies according to their social classes, economic interests, religious beliefs and other concerns”. There must be a target audience for every programme aired for adequate positive feedback.
This study has an entrepreneurial significance in the body of knowledge requirement. The outcome of this research work will serve various scholars and actors in the media and broadcasting profession especially inspiration Fm management staff on the perception and impact of its listenership of its entrepreneurial programmes by students.
The research will be useful to students to widen their horizon concerning entrepreneurial skills and how they will contribute to national development by listening to Entrepreneurial programmes on Inspiration FM.
It will help to find out why students spirits are not awakened to entrepreneurial programmes on inspiration FM.
Also,the outcome of this study will be highly useful to upcoming researchers in the field of Mass communication and mass communication professionals.
Lastly,this research work will constitute a body of literature to the existing scholarly materials on the role of radio programme in promoting entrepreneurship among undergraduate students for national development.

1.6 Scope of Study
This study will examine inspiration FM in Lagos state and the various entrepreneurial programmes, on inspiration FM 92.3that is being hosted and aired which are in line with the present study.
The list of entrepreneurial programmes that will be analysed are; Minding your business with Leke Alder,SME business platform,introducing the fate foundation and first bank business path radio programme,partners and donors-LEAP Africa and Enterprise stories.these are programmes done on inspiration FM 92.3

.1.7 Operational Definitions Of Terms
Influence: The effect entrepreneurial radio programme plays on the listening pleasure of University of Lagos mass communication students.
Radio: An electronic, educative, informative and entertaining media widely listened to by University of Lagos students.
Radio Programme: A hosted educative aired talk or discussion on inspiration FM with the aim of reaching out to the University of Lagos populace.
Promotion:the event often conducted by the Radio station to create awareness among students on the need to become an entrepreneur.
Entrepreneurship:the ability of a mass communication student of University of Lagos to establish and create job in hisher field of study or special interest.
University of Lagos:A citadel of Higher learning located in Lagos state and it forms the study location of the present research.
Students:Group of individuals who are presently undergoing a program in University of Lagos,especially undergraduate mass communication people.
Mass communication Students:Individuals whose specialized study can be trained in the profession of media communication and broadcasting.


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