This project work is focused on the implication of professional misconduct on teaching and learning of business studies in Shomolu Local Government District of Lagos State.

Until recently professional misconduct has been so rampant in our secondary schools to the extent that teaching and learning of business study activities is seriously distorted. Three research questions were tested through the students and teachers questionnaire and chi‑square was used to analyse the result of the findings. Five schools were randomly selected with a total population of hundred (100) students and twenty (20) teachers. Twenty students and four teachers from each school.

However, the entire three null research question were rejected. The first research question was rejected to be there is a significant relationship between professionalism attitudes of teachers towards teaching. Also, research question two was rejected to be there is a significant relationship between professional misconduct and academic performance of the students, Moreso, research question three was repeated to be there is significant relationship between professional misconduct and the students learning behaviour.

Furthermore, the causes and types of professional misconduct were analysed as well as remedies to the unethical behaviour exhibited by teachers. Most importantly, recommendations like, recruitment of qualified and dedicated teachers, good and prompt payment of teachers salaries, frequent inspection of teachers by the inspectorate unit of PP TESCOM etc were mentioned and further suggestion were also made to profer lasting solution to the matter.




The advance learner dictionary defined a professional to be somebody who is connected with a job that needs special training and skill or one that needs a high level of education. While misconduct mean unacceptable behaviours by a professional person or bad management. A professional misconduct now mean one that practices his profession beyond its authorize scope.

As well, business studies means the study of subject connected with money and managing of business. What now could be the Implication of professional misconduct in teaching and learning of business studies in Junior Secondary School Teaching, like any other profession, has it code ethics or standards for guidance or direction in the appropriate use of professional competence’s, without such standards or ethical beliefs professional competence may be misused or misdirected and the school will not achieve its goals and objectives. Professional ethical standard therefore contribute positively to the improvement of teaching and learning process and this is important that teachers adhere to guiding tenets of teaching profession. The trend has been so high and fast to the extent that it affects both the students and teacher performance.

Obviously, the teachers are the image‑makers and the students being taught are the leaders of tomorrow, the high and fast trend of professional misconduct will apparently be transfered to the larger society. Implication of professional misconduct relative to the teaching profession signifies unethical or indecent behaviour pattern manifested by any member of the teaching profession. These are established norms and sound pattern of behaviour designed to enhance the operational integrity in every formal organisational like school. Hence, members owe it a duty to conform to such established pattern in the discharge of their official functions.

According to Peremode (2002) “A professional code of ethics refers to the specific set of ideals, principles and standard of individual professional conduct as related to the professional duties and responsibilities as approved and enforced by the membership of the professional group”. Peremode goes further to note that in most cases, a professional code of ethics prescribes the appropriate relationship between practitioners (Teachers) and the client of Students) in such a way as to protect the clients. The code also states the appropriate relationship between the practitioners themselves for this mutual protection.

Hoyle [2004) similarly, a code of ethics as related to the professional educator is concern with the teacher’s relationship with the children, parents, the general public, others teachers, administrator, supervisors and educational profession.

Barrup, (2003) seconded this statement that an ideal teacher should have good relationship with the students but must not be against the ethics of the profession.

Now that the teachers had known their duty and the way to carry it out and make it free of professional misconduct. How can teachers apply this counsel in teaching student effect of professional misconduct in business study?

According to research, Methodologist states that for decades teachers have failed to lay emphasis on the Implication of professional misconduct and as a result of that most of the fruits of there labour which is there ex‑student have not been succeeded in there business facilities: some have ruined there business because of bribes, companies has fold up because of the unfaithfulness of the management board members. One may say this is just a self caused problem by individuals but let us illustrate with a child who does not know what fire does but can understand if one explain to him, so such child will not be injured by it if their had been somebody to tell him the consequence of touching the fire. So also it is been with a student that has been taught to be rigid, loyal or sincere and determined when dealing in business with others.

What does business studies means in employment vicinity? Business studies do not mean just buying and selling, it is mostly needed in industries, either manufacturing, contracting appointment, civil services even teaching industries. Anything involving spending money is business profession. Business profession compounds banking, teaching, engineering, construction, accounting, and economy etc together.

Finally, a teacher must acquaint his students and let them know the out come of being untruthful, accepting of bribes ignorance of duty, fraudulent license, practicing of profession beyond its authorize scope, quoted the US education Law 6530.

It is know generally that business industries both private and government has been an assembly of corruption and as a result of that the nation economy has been affected. For this to be totally eradicated the teachers, who are professional in business studies should take note and give a serious concern to the subject of business studies and to acquaint the learners the benefit and ruin of obeying business rules.


There seem to be a growing needs in all countries of the world today for professionalism to bring about the desire transformation of society for the well being of man.

However, from the forgoing, a number of problem have surfaced in the academic performance of junior secondary schools standard owing to professional misconduct, some of those problem are listed below:

i. mass failure in the external examinations

ii. Truancy

iii. Disobedience

iv. Hooliganism etc


The main purpose of the study is to highlight professional misconduct as it effect, hinder, jeopardy, and the teaching and learning of business studies performance of the junior secondary school students in Lagos State District. The specific objectives are to find out:

i. the root and genesis of professional misconduct in teaching and learning of business studies in junior secondary schools

ii. factors affecting teaching and learning of business studies in junior secondary schools.

iii. causes of professional misconduct by students and teacher in effective teaching and learning of business studies in junior secondary schools.

iv. the different types of professional misconduct in teaching the business in junior secondary schools.

v. the remedies to professional misconduct in business studies in junior secondary schools.


In a rapid growth rate of professional misconduct teachers must maintain a set pace to conform to the ethics of teaching profession and correct the high rate of professional misconduct at all level of teaching and learning of business studies at junior secondary school system. This research will be relevant and significant such that, it will provide some useful hints on the effects of professional misconduct on the teaching and learning performance. Beside, this work will show how far unethical behaviour of teachers have contributed to the teaching and learning performance of business studies in junior secondary school students negatively.

Furthermore, it is intended to draw the attention of Lagos State Government to see to the extent which this affects professional misconduct in Shomolu Local Government District of Lagos State. It will also provide the inspectorate unit of the post primary teaching service commission (PP‑TESCOM) the limelight to study and monitor unethical behaviour before and after recruitment.

Lastly, the researcher very much hope that the successful completion of this work will be of great importance to Lagos State Ministry of Education to regularly organise seminars workshops, symposia on the ethics of the teaching profession to enhance good academic performance of the students. Also, among those that will benefit this research works are Educational administration, parents, teachers, students, government and the society at Large.


To effectively provide solutions to all the problems mentioned earlier, following research questions are addressed.

i. to what extent can professional misconduct determine the attitude of teachers towards teaching of business studies?

ii to what extent has professional misconduct affected the academic performance of students?

iii. How far has teacher professional misconduct and students learning behaviour?


This study is limited in scope to randomly selected five of 51 junior secondary school in Shomolu Local Government Discrict out of the 13 junior secondary school in Shomolu local government district. However, the five selected secondary schools will have a total number of one hundred (100) students i.e. twenty students from each junior secondary schools and a total number of twenty (20) teacher i.e. four (4) teacher from each school for the research work.


The questionnaire will be divided into two sections. Section (A) for personal data and section B is meant to test the research questions. Data will be collected and analyses based on each of these questions. Result of data collected on section B will be presented on a separate table. The chi‑ square method will be used in the analysis

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