Impact of Bigi Beverage Television Advertisement on the Sales of the Product – Complete project material

Impact of Bigi Beverage Television Advertisement on the Sales of the Product

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1.1    Background of the study

1.2    Statement of the problem

1.3    Objective of the study

1.4    Research question

1.5    Significance of the study

1.6    Scope of the study

1.7 Limitation of the study

1.8 Definition of terms


2.1    Conceptual framework’

2.2    Theoretical Framework


3.1    Introduction

3.2    Research Design

3.3    Population of the study

3.4    Sample size determination

3.5    Sample size selection technique and procedure

3.6    Research Instrument and Administration

3.7    Method of data collection

3.8    Method of data analysis

3.9    Validity of the Study

3.10  Reliability of the study

3.11  Ethical Consideration


4.1    Data Presentation

4.2    Research Hypothesis


5.1    Summary

5.2    Conclusion

5.3    Recommendation





This study was on impact of bigi beverage television advertisement on the sales of the product. Three objectives were raised which included: Is to find out if television adverts help in gaining initial advert attention and promote product identification, to find out whether the consumers’ lack of product knowledge contributes to their non-consumption of it and find out if consumers patronize bigi beverage because of television advertisement. The total population for the study is 75 staffs of rite foods in Lagos state. The researcher used questionnaires as the instrument for the data collection. Descriptive Survey research design was adopted for this study. The data collected were presented in tables and analyzed using simple percentages and frequencies


Chapter one


1.1Background of the study

Advertising according to Mccarthy (1984), is any paid from of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor”.  This is always done through a media.  The media includes direct media (catalogues, brochures, etc.), outdoor media (Billboards, Posters, etc.), prints (Newspapers, Magazines, etc.), Electronic media (Radio and Television).  Advertising is the most commonly used and the most notices of all the promo-tools.  It gets the greatest number of firm’s target audience at the same time.

Again, advertising, is the dissemination of information about a specific goal, service or idea from a sponsor, who must have chosen the best medium he thinks will deliver his message effectively to the target audience.

In the world of marketing in the recent time, it is not enough to produce a product, package it attractively, price it right, effectively distribute and display it to adequately meet the need of the consumers. The company must also let the people know about the existence of the product; the company must communicate the product to its target audience. This involves giving information about the product existence, features, and benefits and how it can be obtained by it target markets.

Effective communication is a part of a company’s promotional activities, and may also be referred to as coordinated seller’s initiated effort to establish channels of information and persuasion to fasten the sales of goods and services, or the acceptance of ideas or point of view (Adirika 1996: 66)

The marketing communication mix consist of a promotional tools which include various forms of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, publicity program and public relations. All these are referred to as promotional mix or promo tools.

Advertising is as non-personal paid form of presentation of ideas, goods and services or message to educate the target audience by an identified sponsor. Advertising in one form or another is used by virtually all manufacturers and retailers in the country to promote and communicate their products and service to their target markets, Advertising helps to inform, educate and persuade consumers to accept a given  product of  point of view. Price of goods and services will continue to increase, which in turn will lead to less patronage by consumers. To survive in such situation, companies must therefore promote their products more vigorously to gain competitive edge over their competitors.

Although advertising today does not broadcast original information on products, but it widens markets by such device as ensuring new uses and attracting leads. In consumer products, advertising is an ever-widening task in creating consumer interest and loyalty. In this research the researcher is more concerned with televising.

Television advertising is one of the newest and fastest growing mediums of communication. In Nigeria, we have both the local and national network stations. All national station (NTA) operates on ultra-high frequency (UHF), while the local stations (privately owned) authority. According to NTA marketing plan, television attracts about 39% advertising companies.


Advertisement is one of the determinants of the knowledge of goods by the consumers of any company.  Without adequate knowledge of products, the consumers will not know the type of brand, price and where to buy a particular good.  It might be said that a good advertisement is a life wire of any production company.

The advertisement method is also what motivates the buyers or consumers in response to their appeal to buy the manufacturers’ goods.  Many firms do not know the kind of advertisement method to use in reaching the targeted consumers.  This has effect on the purchase of their products.  The consumers need a lot of conviction in order to buy a particular product, most especially if it has to do with a new product in the market.  The advertisement slogan for each particular product of any company, has big role to play in persuading the consumers to buying the particular goods in question.

Effective advertising has to do with adequate marketing strategy of Bigi beverage.  The advertising strategy to be adopted by any company, should be determined after adequate market visibility has been done.

Ineffectiveness and high cost of advertisement media in Nigeria, also contributed to the problem of Bigi beverage.  Most of the newly produced goods, are not given wide coverage of advertisement, in order of reaching amore wider audience.  The cost of placement as it affects what to be paid for per minute advertisement time, is always very high.

As a result, many newly manufacturing companies cannot afford the cost of advertisement or electronic media, and this results to only local means of letting people know about their goods.

The advertising medium (television), should be made to know that some of the producers goods are new in business, and should be given some incentives.

The problems inherent in this study are aptly stated.  They are:

Consumers find it difficult making a repeat purchase on product whose advertisement was not motivating.

Many firms’ sales turn-over, are sometimes low which could be caused by inadequate use of advertising slogan.

Sometimes, the abstract communication methods used in the television, makes it difficult for people to comprehend the message being conveyed.

The belief that commercials in other communication media like the print and radio, has given rise to the controversy concerning the effectiveness of television as a media for advertisement.

1.3              OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

This project is geared towards identifying if television advertisements have any effect on the sales of Bigi beverage;

  1.  Is to find out if television adverts help in gaining initial advert attention and promote product identification.
  2. To find out whether the consumers’ lack of product knowledge contributes to their non-consumption of it.
  3. Find out if consumers patronize bigi beverage because of television advertisement


The study formulates the following research question

  1. Do television adverts help in gaining initial advert attention and promote product identification?
  2. Do consumers’ lack of product knowledge contributes to their non-consumption of it?
  3. Do consumers patronize bigi beverage because of television advertisement?


The study formulates the following hypotheses

HO1: television adverts do not help in gaining initial advert attention and promote product identification.

H1: television adverts help in gaining initial advert attention and promote product identification.

HO2: consumers’ lack of product knowledge do not contributes to their non-consumption of it

H2: consumers’ lack of product knowledge contributes to their non-consumption of it

HO3: consumers do not patronize bigi beverage because of television advertisement

H3: consumers patronize bigi beverage because of television advertisement



This research is carried out to show that television advertisements have more effect on sale of Bigi beverage product.

It will help advertisers to make amendments where necessary and to know the best medium to place his advert.

This work will portray the need for unique selling appeal and repetition of television messages.

There is variation in the choice of means of advertising.  This study also highlights on how television advertisement could be impressive and entertaining, which makes people to be interested in adverts made with real human beings that are already known, then with simple cartoons.


The scope of the study covers impact of bigi beverage television advertisement on the sales of the product. Study will be limited to Bigi beverage

The following factors poses to be a limitation during the course of this research

Financial constraint– Insufficient fund tends to impede the efficiency of the researcher in sourcing for the relevant materials, literature or information and in the process of data collection (internet, questionnaire and interview).

Time constraint– The researcher will simultaneously engage in this study with other academic work. This consequently will cut down on the time devoted for the research work


For easy readability and understanding, the researcher decided to explain some terms as used in this project.

Effect: Refers to impact on any particular thing.

Advert: Abbreviation for advertisement.  Any paid in personal commercial on a product.

Communication: The transmission of information from a source to destination.

Social Structure: The organization of either the family or the society.

Culture: The way of life of a people, which also include their value system.

1.8              ASSUMPTIONS

There are some assumptions that consumers have about advertisement.

  • Advertising will have positive impact on beverage consumers.
  • Some take advertising as a selling tool.  Others say that advertising, manipulates people psychologically to buy things they cannot afford.
  • It will contribute immensely in the promotion of the product, thereby encourage consumption.
  • Again, it is assumed that advertising is a way by which producers differentiate their different products.  Another group of people will tell you that advertising debases our language.

All these statements might be true, but have not been proven right or wrong by the body in charge of advertising.  They therefore remain assumptions.


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