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This report aimed at determining the presence and removal of mercaptan sulphur in kerosene using colour indicator method.  It is known that impurities such as free sulphur, sulphur dioxide, marketers, finding materials etc. are found in petroleum products. Consequently, absorbents like molecular sieve, calcium oxide and even activated carbon could be used to trap these impurities, thereby making the  product impurity free.   The afficac of  the absorption  using  calcium (Cao)  Ercammerer flask   was determined  by titration. Excess Silver Nitrate is added to the sample ie effluent silves mercaptdes with his mercaptan sulphur compound present.  The excess silver Nitrate is determined by titration with ammonium thiocrante using ferric ammonium sulphate indicator.  Illustration graphically shows that the percentage of sulphur in the sample reduces with increase in time.  Furthermore, it was noted that slight increase in quantity of kerosene fields better result.



Kerosene is a petroleum distillate having a flash point of 380c and density of 0.82ca and mainly used as an.  Illuminant when burned and a wick as well as in cooking stove and as solvent in process industries. The sulphur content of illuminating oil varies greatly with the type of oil and the lese to which it is to be put into.  In general, sulphur or content is important only when oil is to be burned under conditions where the sulphur dioxide that may evolve in the course of combustion must be limited or reduced.  This could be found lamps and heating equipments.  At maximum, the sulphur content specification for kerosene is 0.13%

Light odourless paraffin’s can be the primary product used specially as non- aromatic solvents.  This apparently is extensively used in paint and gerosol industries.  Consequently light odourless kerosene is also used in aviation turbines and jet fuel for air crafts.  Jet fuel is simple kerosene which has been subjected to appropriate treatment to remove the impurities.  Such impurities include mercaptans sulphur, hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gum etc. this impurities can be detected in the petroleum products using standard test methods which are extensive elaborated in this work and however removal of these impurities using chemical method.  Some of the test methods include, colour  indicate method, potentiomentric  method mostly applied in kerosene aviation turbine and distillate fuels etc.

Among others in removal of these impurities mostly mercaptan sulphur in kerosene the following regents in colour indicator method are used.  Then included silver Nitrate (A2N03) 0.LN, Ammonium thiocerante (NH4 CNS) 0.025N ferric Ammonium sulphate indicator (ALUM) etc.


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